AR App with Wikitude SDK Using Cordova on Visual Studio 2013


In this article we will see how to setup Wikitude SDK with Cordova on Visual Studio 2013.
we will use the official samples provided by Wikitude.

Targeted Audience:

  • Developers with basic knowledge at:
    • Visual Studio
    • JavaScript
  • Developers who are interested to develop Cross platform AR Apps.


  • Download Wikitude PhoneGap Extention:
    (Wikitude Download Page) or (Direct Link)
  • Create New Project:
    • Open Visual Studio 2013
    • Create New Project
    • Choose Cordova Blank – Under JavaScript Templates
  • Add Wikitude SDK Plugin to the project
    • Double Click on “config.xml”
    • At left side choose “Plugin” tab.
    • Then click on “Custom “
    • After that browse to the Wikitude SDK download folder
      (Sure after UnCompressing it)
    • Then click Add
  • Add Core Plugins:
    Choose base on what your application needs:
  • Adding License Key
  • Coping Samples Master
    • Navigate to Wikitude download folder
    • Copy all the files in “SampleAppResources”
      To you project folder and replace the old files
  • Build your project
    • Keep in mind Wikitude must be tested with real devices
      it will not work with Simulators or emulators. (i.e Ripple).
    • To let Visual studio generate Android binaries “.apk” files
      Make sure to select “Android” from solution platform then “Device”
    • You can find the “.apk” file under:
    • Copy, install & run them on your device & enjoy 😉

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