Usefull Visual Studio Shortcuts (Develop fast Type fast)

Last Update (21/Apr/2015)

If you develop on Visual studio these shortcuts are a must for you:

  • Comment:
    [CTRL]+ K, Ctrl + C
  • UnComment:
    [CTRL]+ K, Ctrl + U
  • Align the code properly:
    [CTRL]+ K, Ctrl + D
  • Rename:
    [CTRL]+ R, Ctrl + R
  • Extract Method:
    [CTRL]+ R, Ctrl +M
  • Surround with:
    Highlight the code, Then R-Click -> Surround with -> select the statement you need (for, while, do, …) then hit Enter & enjoy.
  • Find Definition:
  • Auto-complete Syntax:While typing (for example: “for”) we can hit “Tab twice and visual studio will auto-complete the syntax for you. After that, by hitting on “Tab” it will keep navigating you between the arguments which you can edit.
  • Toggle Expansion for #Region
    [CTRL]+ M, [CTRL]+ L
  • Make Uppercase:
    [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + U
  • Make Lowercase:
    [CTRL] + U
  • Working with Multiple-Line (Not in sequence) [Source]
    • Select Multiple-Line holding down [ALT]Use the mouse to highlight what ever you want

    • Replace Multiple-Line selection at the same time:After Selecting with the previous technic using [ALT]Just start typing and it will replace the selected text on each line with the new text you type.

    • Insert Mulitple-Line at the same time

Below are very common only for total Beginners with visual studio:

  • Duplicate Control:
    At Designer view,
    Press & HoldAlt” then
    with mouse click & drag the control to create a duplicate.
  • Debugging:
    • Run With Debugging:
    • Stop Debugging
      [SHIFT]+ F5
    • Insert Break Point
    • Step Over
      Execute the next line of code but not follow execution through any function calls
    • Step Into:
      Execute code one statement at a time, following execution into function calls
    • Step out:
      [SHIFT]+ F11
      Execute the remaining lines of a function in which the current execution point lies.
  • Build:
    [CTRL][SHIFT]+ B
  • Move Cursor Word by Word instead of character by character. sometimes using keyboard & arrows is faster than using the mouse. 🙂[CTRL]+ ([Left-Arrow] or [Right-Arrow])
  • Zoom-in
    [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + .        (Period)
  • Zoom-out
    [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + ,        (Comma)


Soon I will Add Video shows above shortcuts and their out come.

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