Oculus (VR)

Oculus is a very interesting gear, it makes us lives a pure virtual environment. The use of our motions to control it grant the games more realistic dimension thus more excitement. It is the future for the games.

Below is two games using Oculus presented at GDC 2015:
(Section Below quoted from Oculus Official Blog)
top of the Crescent Bay demos and Epic’s Showdown with remixed 360
spatial audio, at the Oculus booth we’re showing a brand new experience
created in collaboration between Epic Games, WETA Digital, NVIDIA, and
Oculus, called “Thief in the Shadows“.

Thief in the Shadows by Weta Digital
©2014 WARNER

Running exclusively on Crescent Bay and debuting at GDC, viewers will find themselves face to face with Smaug, the legendary dragon from the Hobbit. Thief in the Shadows is built in Unreal Engine 4 and powered by NVIDIA’s new flagship GPU, TITAN X. The experience also leverages the Oculus Audio SDK for incredible, 3D VR spatialized audio.
You can find Crescent Bay prototypes all over the GDC Expo floor! Visit Crytek’s booth for a brand new “Back to Dinosaur Island” experience in CryEngine, pop by Unity’s booth to see a demonstration of the great new features in Unity 5 for Oculus developers or head over to Epic Games and NVIDIA’s booth to see the latest Showdown and Thief in the Shadows experiences running on NVIDIA’s new TITAN X GPU in UE4.


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