Augmented Reality DevTools – SDK’s

Below is a summary of famous AR SDK’s. there is others but this is what I picked for you. I usually prefer Metaio over the others for the following reasons:
  • It is fast to develop on Metaio
  • It has Unity3D Plugin
  • Almost it has all the features you need.
  • Its free version is fully featured with water mark for sure
  • Commercial version can be bought for one time payment

For sure it is not the choice for all the projects all the time. Some times you have to mix and match.
Now if you are looking for an advance AR experience with full features and you do not mind complexity and time. You have to consider working with “OpenCV” Library it is an open source project supports C++ and other languages as well.

The below table is for Free AR SDK’s. The “DroidAR” is tempting but unfortunately it only support Android environment.

More Info: check this site: Social Compare
it is not fully up-to-date. But compare many SDK’s in very nice way. So
make sure you double check at the SDK provider official sources.

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