Augmented Reality Demo’s

Demo #1:
TryLive (Glass’s) By D’Fusion
Demo #2
Demo #3 Fighting Game by Unity3D + Metaio
A demo game done by Unity3D & Metaio. It has two characters: Max it is the player and you can control him & Tyrant Zombie, which has, an embed AI using RAIN AI engine (follows you when you are in near range, start attacking if you are closer).
It has two parts:
  • 1st is Marker Based
    notice here an issue will appear when the zombie tries to flip his direction, based on my understanding that’s due to the Up Vector. Because Metaio SDK will keep detecting the markers from the screen and keep changing its location based to stabilize our scene in front of the scene camera.
    This issue can be solved by overriding the basic motor class from RAIN.
    I attached a simple look at function with fixed UP vector; it will only keep looking at the target player “Max” at our case where ever he goes without following him.
  • 2nd instant track
    at this case the previous problem won’t appear because our models are not related to markers.
Demo #4
Hand Recognition  with OpenCV By Simen Andresen


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