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AR Tracking Methods

•      Image based Replace an image with a video, 3D Model, or shows some info about it. •      Pre-Loaded image Locally Predefined image.


Hololens:   Finally Hololens. The latest of Microsoft inventions. Its official video speaks about it. For more info about it check its official site

Sony Glass

Is an alternative for Google glass, this is how the media described it. Sony glass’s available for pre-order for 840$ comparing to its peer Google glass for 1,500$ (that was until 19th of Jan).

Google Glass

Is a type of wearable technology with a head-mounted display. Lets you the augmented reality experience. 19th of Jan was the last day for this project which was shut down by google. “The Google Glass project is entering …

What is AR?

Augmented Reality is merging the real world with the digital one.When you look to a building, you will see an additional information about that building like the history of it or how did it look in the past.it …