2D Vs 2.5D Vs 3D

We always say: this is a 2D game or 3D
, so what do we really mean by that? In short, 2D games does not have
a depth while 3D does. Therefore, in 2D Game all objects has the same distance
from us (player). While in 3D game, every object has its own depth. The more
depth. The smaller the object will look like (exactly like in real life) or
what is known as Perspective View or Perspective
”. Some times with “Perspective view”, we may hear “Orthogonal
view or Orthographic projection
” where objects stay the same size independent
of their distance.

2D game like “Super Mario” where you can go either to
the left or to the right. (which they will represent forward & backward).

Where in 3D game like “Resident Evil” you can go to
any direction you want. In fact (Forward & backward at this case is relative to
the character).
In addition, there is 2.5D game. Which is a 2D game
but looks like 3D one. Or 3D game restricted to 2D. Like “Mortal Combat”

Co-Ordinate (Cartesian coordinate):

A coordinate system specifies each point uniquely in a plane
by a two (2D) or three (3D) of numerical coordinates.

we conclude that 3D Objects are just a collection of 3D numerical

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