GPU with applications:

A question rises here, while GPU is faster at
parallel computing why don’t we use it instead of CPU  the answer to this is many application already started to add GPU acceleration support, so if you have nvdia or ATI graphic card, you can tell the application to use them. Which will lead to huge performance acceleration. Many big names uses this feature such as adobe &Autodesk, they are known for (Photoshop, illustrator, after effects, 3d studio max, AutoCAD,…). Also, Xilisoft Video Converter from Xilisoft uses GPU Accelration.


We can use the GPU acceleration in our applications with the
help of an API:
  • CUDA from nvidia
  • OpenCL from Apple
  • DirectCompute & C++ AMP
    from Microsoft


GPU with Graphics:

With graphics & games we use different API’s than with software’s:

  • DirectX From Microsoft
  • OpenGL


These libraries will help you to draw 2D & 3D models and
render them on the screen, Transform them, add Textures, Lights, special
effects, etc.



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Why 30 & 60 FPS?


Human eye can process 10 to 12 separate images per second
thus, more than that rate may cause images perceived in this duration to appear
as one stimulus, such as a 10 ms green flash of light immediately followed by a
10 ms red flash of light perceived as a single yellow flash of light.


This page plays two video clip from several games side by
side (30 Vs 60) FPS:



This Video shows 24 Vs 30 Vs 60 FPS:


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