Unreal Engine 4 is now Free!


Unreal Engine is now Free!

Usefull Visual Studio Shortcuts (Develop fast Type fast)

Last Update (21/Apr/2015)

If you develop on Visual studio these shortcuts are a must for you:

  • Comment:
    [CTRL]+ K, Ctrl + C
  • UnComment:
    [CTRL]+ K, Ctrl + U
  • Align the code properly:
    [CTRL]+ K, Ctrl + D
  • Rename:
    [CTRL]+ R, Ctrl + R
  • Extract Method:
    [CTRL]+ R, Ctrl +M
  • Surround with:
    Highlight the code, Then R-Click -> Surround with -> select the statement you need (for, while, do, …) then hit Enter & enjoy.
  • Find Definition:
  • Auto-complete Syntax:While typing (for example: “for”) we can hit “Tab twice and visual studio will auto-complete the syntax for you. After that, by hitting on “Tab” it will keep navigating you between the arguments which you can edit.
  • Toggle Expansion for #Region
    [CTRL]+ M, [CTRL]+ L
  • Make Uppercase:
    [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + U
  • Make Lowercase:
    [CTRL] + U
  • Working with Multiple-Line (Not in sequence) [Source]
    • Select Multiple-Line holding down [ALT]Use the mouse to highlight what ever you want

    • Replace Multiple-Line selection at the same time:After Selecting with the previous technic using [ALT]Just start typing and it will replace the selected text on each line with the new text you type.

    • Insert Mulitple-Line at the same time

Below are very common only for total Beginners with visual studio:

  • Duplicate Control:
    At Designer view,
    Press & HoldAlt” then
    with mouse click & drag the control to create a duplicate.
  • Debugging:
    • Run With Debugging:
    • Stop Debugging
      [SHIFT]+ F5
    • Insert Break Point
    • Step Over
      Execute the next line of code but not follow execution through any function calls
    • Step Into:
      Execute code one statement at a time, following execution into function calls
    • Step out:
      [SHIFT]+ F11
      Execute the remaining lines of a function in which the current execution point lies.
  • Build:
    [CTRL][SHIFT]+ B
  • Move Cursor Word by Word instead of character by character. sometimes using keyboard & arrows is faster than using the mouse. 🙂[CTRL]+ ([Left-Arrow] or [Right-Arrow])
  • Zoom-in
    [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + .        (Period)
  • Zoom-out
    [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + ,        (Comma)


Soon I will Add Video shows above shortcuts and their out come.

Epic (Unreal engine) Grants up to 50,000$

Epic spared  $5,000,000 to fund innovative projects related Unreal Engine 4.

The Range from $5,000 to $50,000 and there is no restrictions or obligations to Epic. what ever you do remain yours.

Why C#? What can I do with it?

Introduction: (Why I wrote this Post)
              In my capacity as a Trainer, I always has an Audi meeting with the potential new student to make sure they do know what they really need to know. Sounds weird ha? well trust my I have seen many people came to register for HTML and ended up with Photoshop! because this is what they have been told or read on the internet.The most interesting & common case is the people who comes to study programing, any one who says other than C# I make sure they do not leave before they change their mind! well I am not persuasive master! I just tell them what C# is and what they can do with it and they make the call.

Physics & math in GameDev

Q:What is the relationship between GameDev & (math/physics) ?
I prefer to answer this Question with some real application scenarios.
Transformation: we just mentioned that
every 3D object is a series of numerical coordinates. So what if we want to
move (translate) this object or rotate it to another direction? Well all these
are based on Vectors. And to move an object we have to pass over every point
and apply a translate vector to move the whole object for a specific distance.

How Graphics cards Works?

To make a 3-D image, the graphics card first creates a wire frame out of straight
lines. Then, it rasterizes the image (fills in the remaining pixels). It also
adds lighting, texture and color.

3D projection
Any method of mapping 3D points to a 2D plane. As
most current methods for displaying graphical data are based on planar 2D

2D Vs 2.5D Vs 3D

We always say: this is a 2D game or 3D
, so what do we really mean by that? In short, 2D games does not have
a depth while 3D does. Therefore, in 2D Game all objects has the same distance
from us (player). While in 3D game, every object has its own depth. The more
depth. The smaller the object will look like (exactly like in real life) or
what is known as Perspective View or Perspective
”. Some times with “Perspective view”, we may hear “Orthogonal
view or Orthographic projection
” where objects stay the same size independent
of their distance.


GPU with applications:

A question rises here, while GPU is faster at
parallel computing why don’t we use it instead of CPU  the answer to this is many application already started to add GPU acceleration support, so if you have nvdia or ATI graphic card, you can tell the application to use them. Which will lead to huge performance acceleration. Many big names uses this feature such as adobe &Autodesk, they are known for (Photoshop, illustrator, after effects, 3d studio max, AutoCAD,…). Also, Xilisoft Video Converter from Xilisoft uses GPU Accelration.

Game Vs Application

The core of any application is a loop; few lines of code that keeps repeated while this application is alive! In applications most likely we do not notice this fact very much, because in applications we rely on Events. If a user pressed a button do this, if this happened call that method and so on. However, in games the concept is different. The game loop has to process every single frame displayed on the screen, going through: (the game logic, physics, AI, Scene management & bunch of other things) every time. For a smooth game, we need 30 – 60 FPS (Frame Per Second)! So imagine the processing load!

GameDev Basics

This article will talk about basics of GameDev from
technical perspective. In this article:

You will learn: